Why You Need a Good Georgia Business Litigation Attorney?

Whether you own a small business on Main Street or a large corporation on the outskirts of the big city, at some point you will need a business litigation attorney. When you experience a business dispute with a company that can’t be easily resolved through an arbitration proceeding or negotiation, hiring an Atlanta business litigation attorney can put an end to the seemingly unending conflict. The following are examples of when a business owner will need to hire a business litigation attorney.

Dispute with Intellectual Property

If you own a copyright, trademark or patent and you discover that another business or entity has committed infringement, you have the right to bring business litigation against the company.

Dispute with an Insurance Company

Often times, insurance companies will either deny a claim of a small business owner or diminish the amount of an entitled insurance claim. Some insurance companies will go as far as placing perplexing phrases within a contract. A business litigation is necessary to help clarify and gain what is rightfully yours.

Dispute against Investment Broker

In today’s business world, it seems as though everyone is looking out for numero uno--himself/herself. Over the past couple of decades, greed within corporate America has proven to cause many Fortune 500 companies to fold. Investors have lost thousands (sometimes millions) of dollars due to unethical business practices. When an investor is enduring great financial loss due to unethical practices of a broker - such as not revealing investment information - this can be a huge red flag that there is potential investment fraud going on. At this point, the investor can pursue business litigation.

Breach of fiduciary duty

This can cause a major variance between shareholders and business partners within a corporation. If someone breaches his/ her sense of duty to operate in trust and allegiance, then business partners can pursue business litigation.

In a perfect world, business disputes would be resolved without relying on business litigation. Like death and taxes, business disputes are unavoidable and can occur within a company. Hiring the services of a good Georgia business litigation attorney will help make the process a lot easier.