Areas of Practice

The increasing demand of today’s fast-pace society has caused many people to take short-cuts and neglect important tasks and duties. Because of this, there has been an influx of law suits like never before.

Every client case is different--never identical. For this reason, clients all throughout Atlanta, Georgia have sought our well-rounded approach to the law in the areas of business litigation, serious injury, and family law.

Each individual, family and business we encounter has greatly benefited from our attorneys’ years of legal expertise and our dedication to achieving the best results possible. We are committed to meeting your needs in the following business and healthcare law matters:

  • defamation (libel and/or slander)
  • premises liability
  • contract law
  • healthcare law compliance
  • business litigation
  • business law

You can depend on our general counsel lawyers to assist you with your individual situation. For questions about our business litigation, business law, and healthcare law services, contact us by filling out our interactive contact form. You may also send us an email, or give us a call at: 404.521.3455.